Symmetry Salon Studios: Hair Salon

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Symmetry Salon Studios has pioneered a new salon concept that puts several beauty professionals in one location, using individually managed salon suites. The studios boast an impressive roster of stylists and services in an elegant and relaxed setting.

Our approach:

Beautiful. Confident. Accommodating.

We created the website to carry the beautiful and calming look of the salon, plus convey a great deal of information in a helpful way. The site’s design allows an easy flow of details to help explain this new salon approach, plus provide specifics about the location and stylists. Highly functional, it also puts the convenience of scheduling an appointment at the user’s fingertips.

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Blue Ridge Partners: Private Equity Firm

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The consultants and advisors at Blue Ridge Partners use their expertise to help companies take a closer look at sales and marketing practices in order to grow and accelerate profits. They focus on implementing proven plans and achieving measurable results.

Our approach:
Confident. Professional. Effective.

We designed the company’s website to be a highly organized, yet information-packed calling card. The site provides a close look at capabilities while remaining easy to navigate. Likewise, print and presentation designs bring together detailed information in user-friendly formats.

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George Washington University: Education

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With more than 20,000 students, The George Washington University is the largest higher education institution in the District of Columbia. Its location provides extraordinary access for students to study alongside leaders from a wide range of disciplines.

Our approach:

Branded. Energetic. Scholarly.

We take great care to maintain the look of the GWU brand, yet keep it fresh enough to stand out and get support for alumni events. We help the university build excitement — and attendance — for a host of important alumni gatherings 

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Pure Matters: Vitamin Company

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The name says it all. Pure Matters is a line of wholesome, all-natural vitamins and supplements designed with products for the entire family. From multivitamins to protein powders, all of the company’s products are formulated without allergens and preservatives.

Our approach:

Beautiful. Natural. Helpful.

The company’s dedication to health and purity inspired a look to match. We created a simple, clean canvas that works for sharing a variety of messages, from product information to health and wellness news. The design also helps Pure Matters stay flexible — yet branded — on platforms ranging from tablets to packaging. 

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Hydrocephalus Association: Non-Profit

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The search for a cure drives every action taken by this dedicated organization. The Hydrocephalus Association works tirelessly to build awareness of this life-threatening condition, raise funds for research, and reach out to help the more than 1 million people living with hydrocephalus in the United States.

Our approach:

Compassionate. Supportive. Determined.

Talking about the reasons to support hydrocephalus research is meaningful. But showing the people affected by hydrocephalus — that’s powerful. Our designs for fundraising events, web and print, showcase the many faces of hydrocephalus and their stories. Framed by a clean and uncluttered layout, this tactic helps us clearly deliver facts, resources — and hope.

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The Ivymount School: Special Education

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Founded in 1961, this non-profit, Blue Ribbon School of Excellence and outreach center has helped more than 8,000 young people. Its focus is on providing educational programs and therapeutic services for students with special needs.

Our approach:

Caring. Inspiring. Compelling.

Fittingly, the heart of the school is at the heart of the look we created for its marketing materials. The beautiful artwork of Ivymount students creates the perfect backdrop for communicating the school’s many unique and effective qualities to families and donors.

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Direct Mail Solutions: Shipping and Mailing

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Direct Mail Solutions is the premiere partner for direct mail services. From data to production, cost reduction to improved timing, this company leads the industry with a unique blend of experience, efficiency and can-do attitude.

Our approach:

Timely. Intriguing. Upbeat.

We’re so proud that these direct mail experts chose us to create their direct marketing. Our clutter-busting print and social media work is straightforward, but fun, and focused on getting results — just like Direct Mail Solutions.

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